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17 April 2035 @ 06:57 pm
Player: codenamednd
Current Games: route_29, gargleblasted

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional journal for the character Katara, of the Avatar: The Last Airbender television series. It exists strictly for the purpose of role-play, so please only add this journal to your friend-list if it's a member of a community you're in.

I don't own any rights to Katara or any other fictional works that appear here. This is not for profit. This is literally just for fun. Any canon characters that are mentioned here belong to and are © to their creators and writers, none of which are mine either. Thank you!
26 December 2011 @ 01:46 am
[ This video is being filmed by Carla, though the accomplices, Mr. Poly-Rolls and Kishi are immediately nearby. Kishi is acting as the platform to give various vantage points

and also blocking the camera from Katara's immediate view. Katara is in the room with Sokka, but neither know they're being recorded. She walks into view first. ]

Weird things have happened before, but I've never gotten anything from home till now.

[ Katara is wearing unfamiliar red clothes. They're pretty revealing around the midriff but she doesn't seem the least bit uncomfortable about that. Look who got their Christmas presents! And then Katara can be seen turning her head and-- ... ] Sokka, don't tell me that's what you got from home! You'd better not have used actual glue again.

[ The camera whips sharply towards the vanity in the room then, where Sokka is preening a BEARD that he definitely did not have a month ago.

Or yesterday for that matter.

There is also an exaggerated voice to go with it. ]

MY DEAR SAPPHIRE. Of course I did. It will be very useful if we ever need to fool someone!

[Unless they're watching this broadcast but.]

... [ Just. Sighs.

Do you see what you are traveling with now, Heiji, DO YOU?

Carla gives up the fight to stay quiet and falls onto the floor laughing. The last thing the video feed captures besides the tumble and the ceiling afterwards is Katara's footsteps coming over before it shuts off. ]

(ooc: Video responses will be threadjacked by Sokka Wang Fire, so beware! Or tell us if you don't want threadjacking.)
[ Someone has figured out that the bending is back on.


SOMEONE is ecstatic about this. ]

G-Guys! My bending is back! Ed, Danny, Soul, General Mustang, did anyone else get their powers back? This is amazing! [ AND THE FEED GETS SHUT BACK OFF AGAIN SHE'S GOT WATERBENDING TO DO. TO THE BEACH!!! ]
07 December 2011 @ 01:36 pm
[ The video starts off and Katara is showing off her badge case. You might notice that it's just two shy of being complete. You might also notice that Katara's not wearing much. Don't panic. It's a two piece. ]

I just have the Azalea and Blackthorn gyms left before I've got all eight of the badges here. Sokka and I are going to head for Kanto after that. I can't wait, since we're going to challenge the gyms together this time. If anyone wants to meet up with us before we leave my gear is always open. [ Her Lapras manages to bay loudly, pushing her head into view for a moment-- Katara just laughs and ends the feed.

Video replies will be delayed since her gear is going to be in Carla's and Claus' care on shore. And now if anyone is around the Cianwood area you might see Katara chilling on Kishi's back out in the water. Socializing is welcome! ]
[ Katara sounds tired. and yet eager as she comes onto the feed. Jet is pretty tired too, but he had been more than willing to push themselves to cut as much time off the journey as possible, for which Katara is grateful. It's Carla operating the gear from her seat on Jet's back as Katara hurries the last few feet into the familiar town, looking around eagerly. ]

I wonder if he's made it yet. Carla, hand me my-- [ Turning mid-sentence, why hello! I see you are already busy filming! Well then! ] Carla! A little warning, next time? [ She looks embarrassed, reaching up to try smoothing her windswept hair back down, approaching the two. The embarrassment doesn't last. Despite looking tired and travel worn her smile is pretty brilliant. ]

Sokka, I just got into town. You're here, right? [ Tell her you're still here.. ]

Winry, Ed, Alphonse, we made it to Cherrygrove just fine. We'll head back to Violet once everyone's had a chance to rest You can call me if you need anything, though!

[ She ends the feed there. ]

Private: To EdCollapse )
30 September 2011 @ 07:27 pm
[ The feed is straight to the point. Katara is on the feed sitting somewhere along Route 32 with a bubble blowing Gible in her lap. Anyone that knew Kyo should recognize him right away. Katara's expression is dejected, but not as heartbroken as she has been the last few times she's made these announcements. ]

It looks like both Tohru Honda and Kyo Sohma have returned home. I know that they had a lot of family here... I'm sorry. I found Kyo's Gible this afternoon, and a Togetic from Tohru, named Snowdrop if anyone is trying to find out where their Pokemon went.

[ She's quiet for a moment, contemplative, then she gives a small, not quite sad smile. ] At least they got to go home together. I don't think... they would have wanted to be separated.

[ There's a heavy pause, like she thinks she should say more, but then she only manages a better smile, it just seems subdued is all. She ends the feed there. ]
(ooc: Both the Mahogany and Ecruteak badges were mod approved!)

[The feed opens on Katara pinning a badge in place beside two others, looking pretty pleased with herself and her team.]
Alright, maybe that was a little too easy... but still, this makes three of the eight now! After we take on the Goldenrod gym we'll be able to go get Alphonse.

[There's a moment when she looks a bit sad, exhaling quietly-- pretty much a sigh --but she straightens up and closes the case she uses for her badges. She's still getting used to the fact that Ed's gone. He was one of her longest standing friends in Johto and she can't help but take the loss kind of hard since he was there when Sokka disappeared too.]

Winry...? Think I could talk to you for a minute? I'll be by the Pokemon Center entrance.

[She ends the feed with a small smile.]
[Katara is looking much better than she did when they first rolled into town. She's had a bath and some rest, and her Pokemon are healing at the center. Meanwhile she's slowly made her way with Kishi from the inn to the heart of town, looking around town and getting some information.

Speaking of which...]


[The feed opens on Katara standing near the gym building, actually a few yards away from the entrance. She lifts her free hand to jerk her thumb towards the doors. Lapras can be seen just beside her.]

So we just got into Mahogany town earlier today, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the gym here. I'm thinking I'd like to challenge it before we make our next travel plans.

[A glance back, then to the Gear again.]

Anyone know what type the leader and trainers use, or what rewards they give out for winning? Thanks a lot in advance! [She ends the feed with a smile. This was thankfully neutral, nay, almost upbeat compared to almost all of her feeds before.]
[This has become entirely too common place for Katara's liking, her friends are dropping like flies, yet she never seems to find herself amongst those spirited back. The waterbender is trying not to seem depressed all the time, but it's hardly easy with all the disappearances around her as of late.]

So... Zuko went home a while ago, Mordecai, and Alfons too. This morning I found Toph's things and Melon Lord's Pokeball. I can't reach her gear...

[This one hurts just as badly as Sokka and Zuko's disappearances, that's the thing. These people were family.] If anyone finds a Machop or Furret, let me know, please? They answer to "The Boulder" and "Suki".

Has anyone else noticed a lot of people disappearing lately? It seems like it's happening in big groups every time it does. [She's doing her best to sound collected, and manages a small smile.] Let me know. Thanks.

[Feed ends.]